Faucet Terms and Conditions


By creating an account on LiveFaucet, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree, please refrain from signing up on our website.
These terms apply to both members and advertisers.


1. Account Usage

 1.1 User passwords are securely stored and encrypted in our database. It is essential to keep your password confidential, and we cannot be held responsible for any loss of accounts

1.2 Selling or sharing accounts with others is strictly prohibited


2. IP Addresses and Computers

2.1 Using multiple accounts from the same IP address is not allowed.

2.2 Creating multiple accounts is not permitted.

2.3 Logging into multiple accounts on the same computer, including those of family and friends or using public computers, is prohibited.


3. Referrals

3.1 You can refer an unlimited number of members.

 3.2Unsolicited emails or any form of coercion to join LiveFaucet as your referral is strictly prohibited. Any account engaging in such activities will be suspended.


4. Cheating

4.1 The use of any software, application, or automated tools to click ads is prohibited. Violators will have their accounts automatically suspended.

4.2 Attempts to hack our system will result in immediate account suspension.

4.3 Modifying the website in any way is strictly prohibited, including the use of custom scripts or making cosmetic changes.

4.4 All suspicious activities are logged, and users engaging in such activities will be suspended.


5. Withdrawals

5.1 All withdrawals are processed through the Bitcoin network.

5.2 Withdrawals are sent instantly; if a payment fails, members can attempt to withdraw at a later time.

5.2 LiveFaucet is not responsible for bitcoins or any actions taken by members or third parties after the payment has been sent.


6. Payments to LiveFaucet

6.1 We have a strict no-refund policy.

6.2 All payments to LiveFaucet should be made exclusively through our website.


7. Email Communications

7.1 Member emails are never exposed, sold, or shared with anyone.

7.2 By joining LiveFaucet, you agree to receive periodic emails from us.

7.3 Our emails are intended to provide important news and updates to our members.

7.4We never send emails promoting other websites or services to avoid spam.


8. Advertisements

8.1 Advertising illegal products and services is strictly prohibited.

8.2 Members advertising illegal or unauthorized websites may face suspension.

8.3 Refunds are not available for any refused advertisements.


9. Account Suspension

9.1 If an account is suspended, the user will receive an email notification.

9.2 We do not suspend accounts without reason. When an account is suspended, the owner will be informed of the cause.

9.3 We reserve the right to determine if a member is engaging in illegal activities, and our decisions are not bound by the Terms of Service.

9.4 Accounts that have been inactive for more than 45 days will be suspended.

9.5 Suspended accounts are not immediately notified and can resume activity until a withdrawal request is made.

9.6 Suspended accounts will have their balances and purchase balances reset, and all referrals will be removed.

9.7 We do not accept appeals for account suspensions, and email inquiries will only receive a response if a convincing reason is provided.


10. Liability

10.1 LiveFaucet is not liable for damages resulting from acts of God, fires, natural disasters, or any events beyond our control.

10.2 We are not responsible for the content served through advertisements.

10.3 We reserve the right to modify the terms of service without prior notice.


11. Offerwalls

11.1 Please note that different offerwalls may have varying policies regarding holding points. Familiarize yourself with these policies to avoid any losses, both for yourself and for us.

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